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Top 10 Social Media Marketing Strategies for Fitness Industry

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For most of you, an important goal in today’s life is staying fit and healthy. People have a new understanding of fitness and health than ever before.

We have a clearer understanding of how unhealthy habits affect our daily lives. Therefore, we are always looking for the latest information on how to maintain and improve our health.

In this digital age, for any query people tend to find the solution online. By the beginning of 2020, more than 4.5 billion people were using the Internet, and social media users had exceeded the 3.8 billion mark. This has made social media a huge platform to grow for businesses and brands out there.

For aspiring coaches, personal trainers, or gym owners who want to acquire new clients, it’s no secret that having a social media account is a great way to gain exposure.

To do this, you need to create a marketing method from scratch, use the right tools, and even draw inspiration from fitness brands dominated by subtle and engaging content.

Managing social media accounts for your business is very different from sporadic posting or exchanging memes on your personal account.

But with a little planning and an understanding of social media marketing strategy for gym, you can figure out how to go ahead with this. Let’s look at the following strategies!

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  1. Create a Differentiated Brand Identity

Branding is very impactful for a social media profile. More than two-thirds of viewers will make purchases after watching the brand’s social content. Even growing companies competing with the chain know this because about three-quarters of companies plan to invest more on social media.

Your brand image helps make your social image stand out. More importantly, the brand helps to accurately reflect your business and the services it provides.

Does your gym have enough equipment to exercise every muscle? Are you a spa that provides all treatments? Maybe your gym is an all-inclusive environment, offering fitness classes for people of all ages and all shapes. Or your business is focused on attracting a young audience.

You must emphasize the differentiating factors of your business so that your customers know exactly what makes you different from other companies in your industry.

  1. Pick the Appropriate Tools

When developing any social media marketing ideas about gym, don’t forget to select the right tools. There are various tools easily available that allow you to get the professional and exquisite service you want on the platform of your choice.

You can consider Grammarly, Canva, or KWFinder to make your content appropriate.

It is worth considering any tool that can help you improve your copy or get deeper insights using your social media strategy.

  1. Ask for Feedback

When planning a content program and producing high-quality materials, the last step is to engage in a conversation.

You need people who can share their weight-loss stories as well as your posts. If people see their acquaintances going to your gym, they are more likely to trust more in it. Also, by sharing your content they will become part of your marketing campaign.

The next important thing is asking for feedback because this will make sure you are going in the right direction.

Is there something missing from your social presence? What do your listeners want to see? Does your profile provide all the information about the business you are looking for? You can get all these answers only by getting honest opinions.

However, you don’t even need to ask directly. You can post “How effective is this workout for you?” Or “Share your weight-loss journey”.

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  1. Create Unique Content

Being a fitness centre, creating content to motivate your viewers should be your aim.

Provide a list of feasible options, covering some of the most common fitness topics. It can reinforce good habits and even expose common misunderstandings. Write down seasonal exercise techniques, such as staying healthy in winter or exercising on sunny days.

Dietary advice and nutritional information are also general themes. Here you can discuss diet plans, recipes, and guidelines on how to obtain the necessary vitamins and minerals.

You will also need to create a thriving community. This can make people feel more connected and comfortable. Be aware that your social profile doesn’t just reflect your brand. They also reflect their facilities.

  1. Talk about your Fitness Journey

Nothing appeals more to your audience than reading about your fitness journey. Sharing your success story of staying fit and healthy will motivate them more and they will develop a connection with your business.

Use your social media account to show and tell your followers how your program works and what you can do for them.

Whether you are in your childhood or have been a professional for many years, it is not too late to start recording your fitness journey. Post a previous image and a new image every week until the routine is complete.

This will not only show your followers that your plan is effective but also an easy way to get four days of information on the fitness of your calendar!

  1. Post Photos of your Equipment

If your gym doesn’t participate in group classes or daily exercises, the images are a good way to show your equipment, machine quality, and gym setup.

You can also let your audience know about the protein / rejuvenated drinks or other retail products. Share photos so followers and prospective members can understand your sales.

  1. Use Fitness Content of Clients

Interacting with your customers or followers is a great opportunity to inspire a commitment to quality. Set up a challenge, have your followers tag it, and choose a person’s image to appear on your page weekly or monthly.

Expand the display content. If your customers are getting positive results from your fitness plans, use their reviews to show on your page. If they use their own scheme to track physical progress on social media, share their images with your followers (of course with proper attribution and consent).

Even if they don’t have their own pages, check if they can mount some photos before, during and after training them to show progress. Reward points to show your audience that your plan can use various body types and fitness levels for people other than you.

  1. Use Fitness related Hashtags

Search for hashtags that are relevant for your content. Find out which ones are popular in your niche and can be ranked. You can use hashtags like #FitLife #AtHomeWorkout #HealthyLiving, etc.

Avoid hashtags that are not directly related to your content, no matter how interesting or whimsical they look. If they don’t lead the right crowd to your account, it will be of no use.

  1. Brand Collaborations

Collaborating with sports brands in an effective way to endorse your fitness centre. You can enter into contests, giveaways or advertise the sports brand products through your account. This will expand your audience and you will get acquainted with new followers.

    10. Share Healthy recipes

When people try to find healthy recipes that still taste good and are easy to prepare, they feel they have achieved everything. Help your audience by sharing your favourite healthy recipes on the web.

It can be a salad recipe or some sugar-free dessert, people will always be excited to try out these healthy dishes.


Marketing your social media account is a great way to better focus on your content and attract new customers. Although managing social media accounts for any industry is definitely a full-time job, anyone can use these time-saving tips to start working immediately.

Once you put your first step towards it, in no time you will realize how far you have come. So, follow the above strategies and you are good to go.


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