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10 ways to get more followers on Social Media 

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Social media is a fast, free, and effective way to promote your business. Everyone cares about the number of followers they have on social media, but if you are a mature digital marketing expert, then you will know that the number of followers does not guarantee the value of social media accounts. Still in today’s digital times, having a large number of followers adds value and credibility to your business.

Whether we like it or not, people look at the number of followers, which can affect their decision to follow a particular account. In addition, the more followers you have, the greater your potential influence will be (as long as these followers are real and relevant to your business).

ways to get more followers on social media

There are many ways to buy thousands of followers, and you will be tempted to take advantage of them. However, this may cause problems, including uncommitted followers, or even loss of your account. It is always advisable to gain high-quality followers who are really interested in your products or services, and one of the best ways to get more followers on social media is to obtain them organically.

In this article, we have narrowed down to just 10 simple tactics through which gaining more followers on social media will no longer seem a tedious task. Keep reading!


1 . Follow Relevant Accounts

Finding and tracking real people and accounts related to your business is the first step in building your own followers and to implement the other strategies listed here.

In some cases, if you do this, you will be followed back by some of these users only if your profile is completely filled out and feed is full of valuable related posts.

But more importantly, keeping track of your business’s vertical and active accounts will provide you with a basis for interacting with them. Some ways to follow a good account are-

See who the influencers are following. In this way, you will know that they are selectively following others who are of high quality only.

See the Twitter list. On Twitter, check to see if there are any public lists of key people that you follow. If you find a good list, you can subscribe to it or follow the people on the list.

Join groups and communities on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms and pay attention to those who continue to make valuable content. Follow them, they can guide you to follow other good people.

2.Be Regular and Consistent with your Posts

A very important tactic is to keep your name and message in front of followers through regular posts. Posts uploaded here or there several times a week will be lost among millions of other posts. So, try to be an active player in social media so that your followers remember you. In addition, no matter which social media strategy you choose, it’s wise to stick to it while it’s running. This is another one of the important ways to get more followers on social media.

3.Post News, Opinions, Facts and Trends

ways to get more followers on social media

The types of posts that tend to increase your exposure and thus lead to new followers fall into the following categories:

Opinions – It can be risky to express strong opinions on topics related to your audience, but it will also cause a lot of participation, sharing, and exposure.

Facts – People always look up to verify their facts and data through some or the other website. If you are regularly posting correct facts, they will want to follow it and share the content as well.

Trends – If you are a good source of news that is important to your industry, then people will want to follow it and don’t miss out on what’s happening around them.

4.Post Frequently and Appropriately

The most difficult fact about social media is that no matter how popular you become if you stop posting and interacting, you will soon be forgotten. Therefore, you should stay in the regular state, but don’t use it too much.

Generally, you should post less on networks (Facebook, LinkedIn) where news feeds are mainly driven by algorithms and more on Twitter and Instagram which are more real-time.

5.Follow Influencers and Share their Content

If you are a well-informed and up-to-date person in the industry, then you must know the influencers of your business. You can also use resources like BuzzSumo to find influencers in your subject area. After following them, you should share their content with the followers. Many people will follow you back, but the ultimate goal is they should share your content as well.

6.Use Appropriate Hashtags

ways to get more followers on social media

Hashtags are very useful in because it helps in spreading your content faster to your audience. Tags help people find content on topics that interest them. Using hashtags on your social media sites, but don’t overuse them because people want to see real content.

Before using any new hashtag as part of the ways to get more followers on social media, be sure to check it carefully. Look it up on the web and make sure it won’t be used for things not associated with your brand.

7.Remind Your Subscribers

ways to get more followers on social media

If you have a newsletter or email list where you regularly send content, then include your popular social media links in the newsletter. Also, make sure to thank your social media account in each email sent and the “Follow” button. People who value you and your content enough will open their emails and will most likely follow you on social media.

8.Respond to your Followers

ways to get more followers on social media

Never forget to respond to any comments, questions, or mentions raised by your followers. This way you will be able to deepen your connections, promote interaction, and build trust. Your followers will also find you relevant and credible if you are consistent about this.

9.Build Partnership Campaigns & Events

Conferences, webinars, and guest posts are effective ways to gain experience. However, one of the best ways is through partnership content and events.

Build relationships with non-competitive companies that are relevant to your business area. Then give them ideas about joint content and social media activities. It is a good way to become noticeable on social media.

Since each partner promotes their content to their own audience; they have an opportunity to gain new followers from the other party.

10. Make your Content Easy to Share

Most visitors will not deal with the trouble of copying and pasting your URL on your social media. Make it easy for them to share your content by adding social media links on your blog or website.

Final Words:

If you follow and abide by these strategies, you will be able to establish a solid foundation and trajectory; for the continued and long-term growth of your business. More importantly, they will help you to get more followers on social media that will benefit you and your business.

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