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10 Best Social Media Marketing Strategies to Promote Real Estate Business

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With the advent of the Internet, the real estate industry has undergone unique changes. The industry that used to rely on telephone disruption and traditional marketing has now become an industry that relies heavily on social media marketing. Now, the first step in the buying process for almost all potential buyers is a quick Google search.

If you are a real estate agent, you will understand the huge impact of social networks on building trust in your customer base. Social media is the main producer of real estate companies, but most real estate brands cannot maximize online efficiency.

Adjusting your content strategy is what you need to do to deliver great results for your real estate brand. Here are 10 tips to help you strengthen real estate social media marketing in 2020.

  1. Promote Both Your Town and House

Buyers want to know the good, bad, and ugly side of every city they consider moving to. Use your social media channels to provide potential customers with a richer understanding of the markets you serve and let them understand the pros and cons of each community.

Many cities have a Twitter identifier “@CityOf…”, you can mention it directly in your tweets. Use these identifiers to enhance the attributes you include in the city. City Twitter accounts tend to accept these screams and can forward them, thereby increasing the range of information for your followers.

  1. Generate Relevant Content










Your blog post should help you showcase your experience in the real estate market and should be optimised to attract new potential customers to your website and social channels.

Think of yourself as a new homeowner who wants to move to a new area. So, what are the things he/she may want to know to use that in your content? These blog ideas will help your readers become familiar with your experience and real estate brand. You can use these ideas for some of your blogs-

  • Articles on market forecasts and market statistics
  • Tips for homeowners and precautions when buying and selling
  • Information about community and neighbourhood


  1. Use Right Hashtags for Better Optimisation








Hashtags add engagement to your content and they make it easier to discover on social media. They are a way for potential customers to find your real estate brand.

You can use real estate hashtags for content, which is a great way for homeowners and buyers to find you. Some examples of hashtags are – #realestate #realtor #justlisted #broker #forsale #commercialrealestate #realestatebroker #realestateagent. However, if your hashtags are not generating enough engagement, then you can use hashtag tools available online. Those tools will give you relevant hashtags with higher reach.


  1. Utilize the Best Social Media Tools


In real estate social media marketing, maximizing efficiency is very crucial. There are a host of real estate marketing apps that can help you maximize buyers and save time. You can do the following  Free Stock Photos to Find Realtor Images, Creating Real Estate Social Media Graphics, Automating Real Estate Social Media Marketing Posts.

With the help of technology and resources available online today, you can simplify and automate the marketing of real estate brands. The barriers to creating quality content are low, and you can save a lot of money using the right resources for working on social media.


  1. Be Regular with Your Blogs

When posting content on social media, being consistent is very important. People usually forget those who are inconsistent with their posts and this often leads to a decrease in the number of followers. If someone wants to buy a house, you want your name to come in their mind first.

Consider setting a regular release schedule by testing the date and time when most people are active on social media. If you are good at this, you might even consider using scheduled posts and content to automate the process.


  1. Engage with Your Readers

Social media is just an advanced customer relationship management platform. A healthy social media account is not just about posting information. View other posts, such as sharing high-quality content, reply to comments on your posts, and the most important thing is to be responsive.

Therefore, when using social media for real estate companies, make sure to interact with your audience. The focus is not only on acquiring new potential customers but also on enhancing the capabilities of existing customers.


  1. Share Your Success Stories


The more people see you making transactions (buying and selling), the more they trust you when they need your services. Ask your customers to give a shout out to your page and share these stories. It will build trust and confidence among the audience. If your own customers are on social media, they can tag it at any time to generate more engagement and interest. Also try to take photos with happy customers in front of the new home as much as possible and share them on your social media channels.


  1. Use Videos in Your Realtor Strategies

Video is a great choice to interact with the audience. Educational and information videos are usually very successful. They can provide general information, such as how to find a good mortgage broker, industry updates, or things related to your local community.

Another popular option is the live video. It is a valuable way to attract viewers and attract more people to participate. Live video allows you to schedule a real-time Q&A session in advance, such as “Ask me any information about buying a house”, so you can share your experience directly with potential customers.


  1. Collaborate with Local Businesses

Many real estate agents have established partnerships with other local businesses (such as photographers, mortgage brokers, home stagers, and inspectors). Connecting with others in a community can be valuable for you and you will be able to promote better in social media. You can share each other’s content, even create content and resources together.


  1. Measure Reach of Your Posts


A good goal is both specific and measurable. If there are no indicators to follow up, it is difficult to assess if the content is reaching the audience or not. You can analyse reach with the following parameters – Impressions, Click-through rate, Engagement, Demographics, Relevancy, etc.

Also, you can classify content to understand what resonates with whom and check if the reach comes from organic or paid sources.



The influence of social media and online marketing has had a significant impact on the real estate market. Social media has changed the way real estate companies attract customers. It has forced companies to become more interactive and personalised for their audiences. So, you should focus on generating content around the end-user. Once you know what you want to create, you can use the free resources available to create professional content with beautiful images.

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