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How to use Instagram Stories to generate B2B Leads?

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Instagram is a useful platform for B2B companies. Although it is not as focused on B2B as it is now, nevertheless it is a necessary platform to generate leads.

By using Instagram stories wisely, it can become a channel for B2B leads and an important part of the B2B social media strategy. You might not be having a verified account or 10,000 followers but still, your Instagram stories can promote you greatly.

Sadly, B2B companies do not have much idea as compared to B2C companies about the power of Instagram. According to Social Media Examiner’s 2020 Report of the Social Media Marketing Industry, only 41% of B2B marketers use Instagram stories, while 50% of B2C marketers use Instagram marketing services to grow on the platform.

Once again, B2B marketers discover how to use stories to generate leads, these stats may change. Although we know that developing an accurate Instagram marketing strategy for small businesses can be a bit difficult for you, but by trying the below four strategies can help you excel at it. Let’s move ahead to know them. 

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  1. Create your Bio-Link Page

If you are one of those who have more than 10,000 followers on Instagram, then you can simply add a link to your posts and stories that you want to.

For the rest of you, you have access to just one link in your Instagram bio.

To do so, change this link to the landing page of any currently running campaign.

Use a link tool to create a mobile-optimized page that contains about 5-7 links that can lead people to different call-to-action phrases.

There’s also an easy way to make links and calls to action more manageable on Instagram. Juts simplify the link itself. If your link is too large, people are not going to remember it.

Instead, follow all the good search engine optimization rules and use a shorter link.                                     

  1. Use Question-Stickers in your stories


Create a story for each of your content assets, and then add some questions to the story, which may account for about a third, 70%, and then at the end of the story.

Instagram allows us to add stickers to our stories. One of the stickers we can add is the question sticker.

This question label is actually very simple. You know how to handle this and it can generate leads for you. You can also ask people to enter their email addresses in exchange for content or access online tools. This feature of Instagram marketing services can bring a huge number of leads to your profile.

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  1. Use Instagram Story Ads


Setting up story ads on Instagram is very easy. You can complete all normal operations to set up Facebook ads, but be sure to select “Lead Generation” and “Manual Placement” for your campaign goals, and then select only Instagram stories as placement locations.

  1. Add DM Me Label

Direct Instagram messages (DM) are another way to generate B2B leads. This is a similar approach to the question labeling strategy: create a CTA-centric story and include one or two tags that require user information.

In this case, you want people to send you a DM.

Some of the smarter Instagram marketers often mention direct messaging (“DM”) as the best way to sell on Instagram, so this is the channel for people to respond. It is much easier to attract interested people to contact you than to direct sales.

Leads can be reached through a variety of channels, including someone who responds to the story you created via Instagram to your DM business account.


As a content format, the story participation rate is very high. But they do have a big disadvantage: they disappear 24 hours after you release them. Of course, unless you save them in the highlights of your account.

Obviously, this is the way to go. Although you can have unlimited highlights, each highlight is limited to 100 photos or videos.

This is not overly restrictive, but it can clearly illustrate the importance of planning the story content and key content. A long story on Instagram may contain up to 10 or even 20 photos. Add these stories together (this happens when you save the story to the highlight), and after five to ten stories, the space in the highlight may be used up.

So, these Instagram strategies for small business has proved to be very helpful for people. Use these features wisely and you will have a long way to go ahead.

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